Ten White Street's Featured Artist Julie Kahn Valentine

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Julie Kahn Valentine

Julie Kahn Valentine 12 White St., Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Website: www.juliekahnvalentine.com

Email: julie@juliekahnvalentine.com

Phone: 479-244-5018

Julie moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1969 after years of travel with her art including Israel, France, Spain, Mexico, California, New York & New Orleans.

Julie is truly an amazing artist whose drawing ability is an excellent example of a lifetime as a professional artist who constantly strives for more in her work. ~ Nancy Foggo, EureKan Art Gallery

Old Stone Church by Julie Kahn ValentineThe drawing is always the backbone of all of Julie's work whether done in watercolor, acrylic or oil. Typically, her work focuses on Eureka Springs scenes which express the real personality of this unusual town that Julie has chosen as home. Another focus of her work is the human figure, which evokes a more contemporary and vibrant feeling associated with Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Julie is also well known for her work as a portrait artist and has been a regular at many of the Eureka Springs outdoor festivals of arts and crafts.

If you are visiting Eureka Springs, Arkansas, you can view Julie's watercolors at these galleries: EureKan Art, Iris in the Park, Mitchell's Folly and at Granny's.