Ten White Street's Featured Artist Larry Mansker

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Larry Mansker

Larry Mansker Website: www.larrymanskerstudio.com

Email: lmansker@cox.net

Phone: 479.253.5751

Following his graduation from Bethany College in 1962, Larry Mansker served in the Army Exhibit Unit in Alexander, Va.

He returned to Kansas City and used his creativity in the commercial art field: advertising, creating exhibits, architectural renderings and for fun, designing and building theatrical sets. In 1976, Larry was off to California where his Art Studio created paintings, etchings, and serigraphs for residences and commercial buildings around the world.

In 1992, Larry moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and built his dream Art Studio.

The Embrace by Larry Mansker "In my paintings, the elements of design (line, texture, contrast, composition and color) are formost, but also very important is creating a mood – for me, a happy mood, one that focuses on the brighter aspects of being alive."